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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Savor Boost

What exactly is Savour Boost?

Savour Boost is a startup that creates and sells tasty flavoured water bottles. Our flavoured water blends hydration with natural fruit flavours, making it a pleasant and delightful drink to consume.

Can I take Savour Boost flavoured water on a daily basis?

Yes, absolutely! Our flavoured water is intended to be consumed as part of a daily hydration regimen. Staying hydrated is critical for overall health, and our flavoured water provides a pleasant and refreshing method to do it.

Are your flavored water bottles safe to drink?

Absolutely! We are dedicated to delivering a nutritious and refreshing beverage alternative. There are no added sugars, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives in our flavoured water. It is a guilt-free way to quench your thirst while also enjoying a rush of flavour.

Are your bottles environmentally friendly?

We care deeply about the environment, which is why our bottles are made from recyclable materials. We encourage our customers to recycle the bottles responsibly after use to minimize their impact on the environment.

We hope this answers some of your questions. If you have any additional questions or require assistance, please contact our dedicated customer service team. We thank you for your interest in Savour Boost and look forward to providing you with our delicious and refreshing flavoured water bottles.
Don’t hesitate to contact us!

– Savor Boost Team –

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