SavorBoost: Elevate Your Hydration With Delicious Flavored Water Bottles


SavorBoost: Elevate Your Hydration Experience with Delicious Flavored Water Bottles. Experience the perfect blend of taste and refreshment with SavorBoost. Indulge in a variety of delightful flavors that will quench your thirst and invigorate your senses. Our premium bottles are designed to enhance your hydration routine, keeping you energized throughout the day. With SavorBoost, staying hydrated has never been more enjoyable. Explore our collection and elevate your hydration game today.

Retronasal – the science behind
The thing about taste is that around 80%* of what we perceive as flavour is actually derived from what we’re smelling. Many people assume that taste is entirely achieved through our tongues and taste buds. But, in reality, the tongue is only partially responsible for a portion of the flavour experience. So, with the Savorboost bottle you’re drinking just water and experiencing flavour through scent.

*National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!


Curated Products


Curated Products


Curated Products


  1. It’s not just an ordinary water bottle.
  2. You get 5 litres of flavour per pod
  3. You’ll addicted to water!
  4. You can choose your favourite colour.
  5. There are loads of flavours to pick from.

Step 1: Fill your bottle with water

Step 2: Activate your pods

Step 3: Drink your water

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